Throughout her adult life, Nola Katherine Trewin has led Bible studies, prayer groups, and retreats on forgiveness. She has spoken to small groups and been asked to share parts of her personal story within her own church and other congregations. Three times she has been the guest of Dr. Gene Getz on his weekly program, Renewal Radio. However, she feels her most purposeful moments have been one-on-one, sometimes unexpected encounters with those who are suffering. She is especially drawn to those who suffer the devastating effects of child abuse. For this reason, she has chosen to overcome her fears and allow herself to become a vulnerable open-book. It is her desire for others to experience the freedom she now has from the horrific power her abusers had over her for forty-plus years. She believes that no one should ever have to carry their abuser’s anger, guilt, and shame… especially for so long. She lives in the Dallas area with Jake, her soul mate of forty-one years. Her three children, their spouses, and her five grandchildren bring her immeasurable joy and keep her young. She is thankful to God for His presence in her life and that of her family.