I Can Begin Again will take you into the complex and perplexing mind of an adult who bears the scars of child abuse. It was the voices of abused children past, present, and yet to come who beckoned the author to tell her own story of childhood sexual abuse. For thirty years, God would not let her rest until she finally listened and obeyed His call on her life to reach out and help others who are stuck in the grips of this devastating affliction. This very personal story will help adults who were abused as children understand who they are and why they behave the way they do. It will prove they do not have to remain stuck in their pain, and it will show each of them how to reclaim the power that was stolen from them as a precious, innocent child. This revealing account will encourage those who have endured any type of abuse to believe they can do more than just survive… they can begin life again!

The author also brings insights to those of you who live with one who has been shattered by child abuse. It is her hope that understanding will bring healing to relationships that are often torn apart because of the confusing behavior of the wounded child living within the adult. She will also open the eyes of abusers who have no clue what they are actually doing to their precious, innocent victims. It is her prayer that her story will save other innocent children from becoming victims.

There are many subjects covered in this book, and everyone who reads it will take from it something of value. Please, won't you join the author as God, the Master Artist, guides her brush while she paints the canvas of her life for you? Cry with her, laugh with her, and be touched… perhaps even changed… by the power of her incredible story. And then share it with others—everyone knows someone who has been abused.