Shannan McEowen writes...
I bought I CAN BEGIN AGAIN and read it right away. I couldn’t put the book down. My heart broke for you as I read all that you endured. Thank you for helping me gain better insight into what life is like for folks who were abused as children. It has proven to be very helpful.
Posted on May 21, 2014 - 16:37:00
Jan writes...
Nola's book is quite brilliantly insightful and healing...and it is certainly a must read for adults who were sexually abused as a child. Thank you for writing this Nola!
Posted on March 7, 2014 - 01:07:56
Charlene writes...
This book is a close parallel to my own life, so it's message is powerful. It is a must read for anyone, especially anyone that has suffered any kind of abuse.
Posted on March 6, 2014 - 14:14:00
Tanya Haro writes...
Nola Catherine's book, I CAN BEGIN AGAIN, is an incredible must read. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster but NK's journey also reveals how God is in the restoration business. He healed the spirit and soul of a precious child who has suffered abuse for so many years. This book reminds me of the need for restoration in my own life, of the need to find the Precious Child within me. Thank you Nola for putting your story out there and blessing others by it. You continue to be an inspiration to me.
Posted on March 5, 2014 - 18:00:15
Kathy Allen writes...
I Can Begin Again, is a great book for anyone! And for those who needs to heal from any form of abuse. Also, for those who were the abuser's. I loved the way Nola Katherine, takes us through the pages of her life, as she paints her life's portrait stroke by stroke. She starts with how dark her life has become. The strokes of abuse appears on her canvas with the first strokes. As you read her chapters you start to see the darkness being replaced with colors. Weakness was replaced with strength. How with her faith in God who helps her to survive, and you can as well. She gives you information on Abused Adult/Child (AAC), websites and other books to read. She does your research for you. This book is for survival your and her! Thank you Nola Katherine for sharing your journey on canvas, to brighten the lives of many who have lived in darkness.
Posted on March 5, 2014 - 14:21:00
Joyce Saffel writes...
"I Can Begin Again" is a very well written book about Nola Katherine's struggles as an abused child. She has come to grips with how the abuse affected her life and with the grace of God has come out of it with a very healthy view of how dysfunctional families need to address child abuse. She has come a long way and is a great testimony to how God can heal the hurts in someone's life when faced with abuse. To come out of child abuse with an understanding that they were not responsible to what happened to them and to go on and be a victorious Christian is truly a
a God thing! I would highly recommend the book.
Posted on March 4, 2014 - 19:37:50
Maggie Sharer writes...
Nola Katherine pours out her heart and soul, as well as all the unpleasant memories of her past. If she can get through the horrendous years of sexual abuse that she experienced, I believe anyone can. Blessed to have a supportive husband, I know it had to be extremely difficult for both of them as first she hid her past, then gradually opened up and sought help. NK is one of God's miracles, and He is using her story to touch and heal others who have had similar experiences.
Posted on March 4, 2014 - 05:54:09
Judy Green Henson writes...
This is a beautifully written book about the pain of childhood abuse that my "old" high school friend, Nola Davis Trewin, suffered through and I never, ever knew it until I read her book. Some friend I was! But, she hid it beneath her sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, and fun-loving personality. Little did we know, or ever suspect, there was a very damaged baby girl beneath that facade. Praise God that she found the courage, and support of a loving family, to heal that deeply inflicted wound.
Posted on March 4, 2014 - 00:48:13
Stormie Merchant writes...
I love this book. It is so inspirational. Nola and I have never met in person but we met on facebook and have also talked on the phone for a few years now and she is such a great person. She has helped me more then anyone in my life and has shown me love that no one else has ever shown me. She has encouraged me, cried with me, prayed with me, and has been very straight forward with me. I am so glad God put her in my life. She can understand me like no one else I know because she has been where I once was. I know that her book will touch the lives of many people and give hope to those who dont have any. If you havent read her book, then you are missing out on an amazing testimony and oppertunity! It is defiantly a must read. You can feel Nolas heart when you read her book. It will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. I love you so much Nola and thank you for all you have done for me. Youre an angel!
Posted on February 23, 2014 - 01:44:28
Arnie and Jan writes...
What a privilege it was to get a chance to read the book I know you have worked so long and hard on. It surely is a book that I probably would not just pass on to anyone, but one that would be such an encouragement and help to someone in that circumstance.
As Donna related to you, I could hardly believe the girl in the book was you. We loved meeting you and enjoyed you and Jake so much, your past was never shown. But you have also had some wonderful experiences with our Lord. It is amazing and encouraging to see how you have learned to listen to Him and obey Him in full trust. Not everyone can say the same. And He has rewarded you with such wonderful blessing as the healing of your children. What a great God we serve!!!
We will pray that this book continues to heal and bless many, many people.
Posted on August 2, 2011 - 23:40:40
Diane Massey Secord writes...
I downloaded I Can Begin Again on 06/06/11 and did not put the book down until completed. What beautiful, God-inspired writing! Her wiriting gave me tremendous insight to better understand young women who have been through the same trauma. Psalm 4:8
Posted on July 4, 2011 - 21:02:02
Craig Hester writes...
Well, I am not a reader, but I finished the book. I was amamazed how she arranged the book and gathered all her past trials and combined everything with her Faith and belief system...I know she had to go deep and she needs to be commended to opening up her life to the world. I enjoyed the book, it was inspirational and thought provoking, and I am really proud of see, I went to grade school with her and I had no idea she was going through all these trials at the time. It makes me feel badly that she had to endure it at such an early age. Nola, I am really proud of you...God Bless !
Posted on June 30, 2011 - 18:01:37
Nola I am still amazed at how much insight your story and your progress in your own journey to a healthy emotional life has helped me in my own daily struggles. I have also shared this book with people close to me as an attempt to allow them to better understand what I go through on a daily basis in my mind and how to understand the way I think better, without actually sharing details of my own trauma for it is hard for some of my loved ones to hear and cope with it. I am so very proud of your persistance and your bravery. Thank you for putting this out there for us all to learn from.
I love you
Posted on June 30, 2011 - 15:56:31
Susan E. Jojnson writes...
Nola Katherine's book, I CAN BEGIN AGAIN, is amazing. It has opened a way to understand the abused adult/child--realizing it opened a door to discove my own need for healing. GOD is truly the amazing ONE--for no other book could help the ongoing process of discovering the Precious Child inside of me. "Tank you, Nola Katherine, for the courage and the obedience for writing your book. Love you!!!"
Posted on May 19, 2011 - 14:56:32
Shirley Mann writes...
I Can Begin Again is presented in such a way that makes it easy to read and to approach this subject. She defines all types of abuse that contribute to dysfunctional families - which applies to most of us. God gives her great communication abilities to explain in simple ways you probably have never heard before. Opened my heart to better understand myself and others. Thank you so much Nola Katherine for obeying the Lord to write this book with His guidance. Brilliant and Amazing!!!!
Posted on May 17, 2011 - 18:35:57

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