“Your book was one of the more socially relevant and inspiring manuscripts that I’ve read and edited. I felt you; I was close to tears reading and rereading your life story, not to mention your family’s story.  It’s one material people can learn from. Your readers will surely feel the same when they read it. It was a story of hauling oneself out from the quagmire brought about by the harsh circumstances life has to offer.  ‘Denial was my game. Confusion was its name.’ were two powerful lines that will eventually lead one person to living life again—to the fullest.”
—Belle Miles, Copy Editor

“I don’t even know what to say. I am only on chapter 6. Your story is not only so parallel in personality traits of my own (even the handwriting thing because I do it too all the time and cannot figure out why my handwriting varies), but for once in my whole life I am actually sitting here and bawling and grieving and comforting my inner child. After years of dysfunction I have a long way to go. Even my therapist has tried for years to get me to do this; I never really could tap into what she was trying to get me to do. But I’m getting it now. I will continue to read . . . thank you for allowing me to read your manuscript . . . a divine appointment has been kept. Thank you.”
—Stefanie M.

“I am halfway through your book, and so far, I am loving it. It is helping me. It is drawing me to have more healing, and God’s love is all over your words. I am praising Him for your story, which is much needed in the world and in the Church, the Body of Christ. People will get a feel for what goes on in ‘our’ (survivors of child abuse) heads and hearts.”
—Trudy S.

“I just finished reading your book in a two-evening marathon. It was hard to stop at one thirty in the morning. It was fantastic, very profound, and well written. I particularly liked your technique of the painting and how you interjected the thoughts and emotions of the abused adult child and the survivor. It was an excellent rending of your experiences and truth about healing the body, mind and soul; very honoring to God’s work and the love of Jesus. It was very insightful; clearly the hand of the Holy Spirit throughout. It gave me some reinforced insights into the pain and abuse of pornography and awakened some of my own abuse as a child victim myself. I have a lot to process and think about.”
—Jerry C.

“Throughout the ages God had used women to save His people; Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Mary. Each one of them were ‘raised up for such a time as this.’ In each case, God called each woman to step out of her personal circumstances for the good of many. So it is with you. We know that while abuse is a horrible thing, we also know that God will use your life to His glory. He has a master plan for everything. I am honored to have been a part of that plan. I am amazed at the lengths that the Lord went in order to get you and me together. What are the odds that we would be friends with the same people and end up at the same table at the same retreat, 200 miles from my home? Who could have known that you and I would become closer than sisters? Well, the Lord Almighty, of course!  He knew all along that He had a story of forgiveness and healing, and you had a talent for telling that story. To complete the process, He gave me a talent for editing. A divine appointment, indeed! You have been raised up. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who
say ‘Your God reigns!’ Isaiah 52:7.
—Linda F.